Why losing my Sh*t a year ago today was a good choice.

Reece Pickering / 13/06/15

Exactly 365 days ago, or 8765.81 hours ago, or 525,949 minutes ago, I decided to do what seemed at the time like attempted suicide to my traveller-come creative being; and hopped on a plane back to a -7c soaked London from sunny South-East Asia.

This choice was prompted by a series of linked events that could make any individual to say the least want to drift to the bottom of the executive pool you broke into at midnight with that bottle of gin you found in that cocktail bar you used to work at until 4am most nights, until through the bubbles you saw that security guard rifling through your camera bag and proceeded to startle the small Asian security man with your naked and shameful drunkenness.

On the contrary, I handed in my notice at the cocktail bar before me and my British member became local news, proceeding to leave the island of Discovery Bay, Hong-Kong a mere speck in the cabin window.

The next few weeks became an episode of rendezvous’ with family, and old friends; and some creepy bastards who seemingly came fumbling out of the wood work asking all sorts of creepy questions about my travels.

I struggled to remotely fit into any regime after spending months not knowing which country I would be in next week, never mind plans to see that girl you used to know who on most occasions drank the same overpriced coffee at the same coffee joint, who would insist on ‘catching up’ at that same chain coffee joint, where I would have to go back to paying for coffee priced higher than my return flight home.

But the overall point I had failed to mention was that I had came to the UK for a much higher reason other than scoring dates on the grounds that I had seen ‘a fair bit’ of the planet ( it seems I was quite the pretentious twat 365 days ago), was that I was heading to broaden my academics at the University of Gloucestershire.

Whilst previously in Hong-Kong, I had pretty much closed my eyes and pinned the tail on any University choice that was anywhere-other-than Northern England (too close to home), where or what did I want to study? I had absolutely no fucking idea.

I revised my past, options, passions and expertise; and was then slapped in the face of a epiphany that throughout the entirety of my journey I had held my camera closest of all, from documenting settlements in Northern Australia, to recording my friend from New York puke back up the Duck Embryo we had just been dared to eat in the hot sweaty city of Manila.

Photography had been the accompaniment to my personality that mattered, and since I could remember I had held a camera throughout my whole adult life.

A bit the bullet so hard I broke a metaphorical molar and proceeded from then on to study ‘Photography:Editorial & Advertising’. Had I not been in such a state of limbo in my travels, I would have easily dismissed such an opportunity, and after a year of making such a decision, I have never looked back since. What began as a hobby, taking photographs of my far-from-average travels, has transpired into a passion for people, for photography and it’s professional practice.

So I suppose in taking this creative career thing seriously, I felt obliged and honoured on today of all days to stop recalling past events, and begin recording this new creative career I have begun.

© Reece Pickering 2015