Why My Work is All or Nothing

Reece Pickering- 5/01/16

New Years Day:

5:30am: Wake-up

5:30am-6:00am: Brain Training/ Stretches/ Pull-ups/ Journal

6:00am-6:30am: Omelette / Smoothie/ Supplements/ Cereal / Shower (not in that order)

(Burn toast again whilst taking shower which in the end saves no time)

8:00am: Ponder where the past 1hr 30 minutes has gone and scramble for equipment for shoot.

9:00am Prepare for shoot with client at 12pm after managing to upload quotations and photographs t0 both Instagram and Twitter accounts.

11:59am For sake of absolute accuracy, allow oneself to be spattered with coloured paints to test aesthetics and lighting.

(Coinciding with daily schedule ensure continuous  research and response to emails and potential clients.)

Without hesitation, I can honestly say that this is an average day in my far-from-any-way-near making the big step in photography, though non the less I have progressed more than I would have ever considered just a couple of years ago.

But in return I have given many hours of my life into researching, funding, writing, blogging, emailing, promoting an eventually photographing.

Though since being a child given the nickname ‘forest gump’, I’ve forever been accustomed to remaining busy.

Through a brief history of being able to travel as early as I could, firstly across Europe, then eventually to the other side of the world on expeditions.

Since then I see no other way of living than spending every second progressing, pushing, exploring and researching to broaden the confines of my own perceptions and personality.

Creating photographs has became integral to that process, and integral to me as a person in order to move forward.

This demand to progress ( note that I don’t use the word succeed here in this blog, whatever that word means) comes under the demand to remain constantly focused and perceptually open to all things around me.

“You have to devote yourself totally to be successful at it.”

Photographer: Elliot Erwitt

At the start of this New Year I find myself captivated by the very notion of photography in my life and it’s power of taking me wherever I wish to go, a notion which I have always wanted.

This is another hectic year in my life I am eternally grateful to be embarking on and exhausted by, a life to which has never been far from adventurous.  All the best and a Happy New Year.